Monday, September 27, 2010

End of year Intentions for Stumblina...

Hi all, Shelly here with a quick little end of the year intentions check for me...  I can not believe how fast 2010 has gone by, it's almost OCTOBER!  That's insane, I think back to the beginning of this year and I feel both a sense of accomplishment (being a SAHM is NOT easy, and I feel like I'm close to rocking that out!  sorta.)  It's also not easy to transition from being a successful, professional, working mother, to a "domestic", stumble through the most mundane chores, SAHM and wife.  And stumble oh yes I do, over and over...that's me Stumblina.  I also feel like I'm finally, nine months later (since losing my job), starting to hit a stride with all of this domestic, mommy, baking, clean out my linen closets?, journey.  Having said that it is time to set some short and long term goals.  SO, lets here is a snippet of what I am moving towards; before the end of this year.  Above all of my regular to-do things, these are supplemental to-do's that I have either failed at previously or never really attempted...  Shall we list it?  Yes we shall in no particular order....

Start and maintain a healthier lifestyle.
  * Action plan-dust off my yoga and 30 day shred video's (Jillian Michaels is NO joke) AND my treadmill, eat an occasional raw vegetable along side my junk food (baby steps people), drink some water (yes I can sadly admit that I rarely drink water), get outside and walk with "Super Tuper to Da Rescue" I LOVE fall, get more rest, meditate at least once a week.  This is not an all inclusive list because my level of unhealthy is wide and encompassing of many area's of my life...  As always I appreciate any suggestions you may have so please, comment or email away

Survive the holidays on a budget.
  * Action plan-iron out a reasonable budget with the hubster.  Wish me luck people!  This man I love is not gifted at gift giving and doesn't comprehend my level of holiday insanity.  I love to bake, decorate the whole house inside and out, entertain, and give give give.  In other words, "The Hubster" and I are polar opposites on yet another front.  I know they say opposites attract, and I can get behind that 100% because he's MY hubba hubba man.  However, what says you people about opposites peacefully living together?  I have never heard of or experienced THAT particular nirvana, have you?!  Rambling... moving on...

Send out hand made cards for Christmas WITH a picture!  This sounds simple but for me is not...  The hand making cards has been done by me successfully (pre-Super Tuper days) so it's feasible in my head.  Having the foresight to have pictures either taken or take my own and order an appropriate # to be included with enough time to actually include them in a mailing to arrive before that actual holiday was very much above my "past tense" capabilities...this year I CAN DO IT!
  * Action plan- figure out what I want the picture to be and schedule it to either be taken or to take myself.   All of us?, Super Tuper alone or with Chuckles and Beauty Princess?  With the pain in the couch dent dogs or without?  It's all too much to consider right now.
  * Start making Christmas cards, my list is extensive! Starting soon, I'll post pictures.
  * Update and type my list in a label-printable format.  I'm sure there is a word for label-printable format which I can not currently think of...  Humph.  Should I add expand my vocabulary to my end of year to do list?  Actually it's already on another "things I'm working on improving" list.  Can items be double listed?  They can...should they?  Can't say. 

Send out hand made invitations to "Super Tuper's" 3rd Birthday Party.  See above picture organizational issues in Christmas cards...same goes.  Super Tuper's birthday is mid January so I have yet to get to invitations made and mailed in an appropriate time frame because I'm generally still reeling from the holidays well into mid January...and so, drop said birthday ball...sad but true!  (last years invite was *hanging head in shame* sent via a mass text message-true story)  This year is going to be different because some aspects of Jan 2011 festivities will be well in hand prior to ringing in the new year... (fingers crossed)  The way my rambling goes in my head... have moved into a list of other 2011 festivities that require my attention sooner than later...panic.  (pause to play in a pillow and blanket tent built by one very Super Tuper and make a HUGE batch of cheesy potato soup).  All better...action plan up in the air for the moment.

I would like to find a way to give back to our community this year.  Many years ago I did volunteer work.  It was incredibly rewarding and something I have been missing in my life for entirely too long.
  * Action plan-research some options.

Regular blog post.  This process is very therapeutic for me and so it is a designated part of my self improvement movement that I am again stumbling through.  Stumblina.  Yes I do stumble...ALL. THE. TIME.
  * Action plan; post more frequently.  Possibly draw up a schedule?  I have commitment issues so a schedule makes me cringe a little bit.  Odd...I am.

This is just the beginning of this list but wanted to pose the question to all of you... what is on your to do list for the end of 2010?  Care to share?  Incidentally, I also want to make it known to the Universe, or whatever that this is my intention.  I've heard making these intentions known is a good thing.  So, there it is!

Peace and love to you!

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