Friday, December 10, 2010


Hello beautiful happy people!  It has been a while, the holiday season is busy busy for us all, yeah?  We have been busy spending even more time with family and friends.  I say it that way because I make a conscious effort to spend time with my family and friends all year long.  What a blessing that time ALWAYS is!  I don't believe I will ever find myself regretting that life choice.  I have been taking stock of some personal goals.  Many I have accomplished, some are still a work in progress, and a few I have...failed.  I sure am glad that this life we are blessed to live is a dynamic fluid course so that I can adjust and continue towards the positive movements in my self and my life.  This way it isn't necessary for me to focus on the failures or the accomplishments for that matter.  I can simply acknowledge either and both, breathe, shuffle the goal(s), and keep moving forward (insert that cheesy but sweet Michael W Smith-Place In This World to my life "score").  Hehe, sometimes I crack myself up because for me I  will quote a certain bad-for-you snack's old school yet perfect marketing slogan... "It ain't easy bein cheesy".

So this holiday season is moving swiftly, time just seems to be flying by!  Most of my external gifts have been taken care of, my holiday picture cards have been made, stuffed, and stamped to go out in the mail today, my halls are decked, baking of our family favorites has begun, and our holiday plans are set.  I'm looking forward to having all of my children here with us for the holidays!   In addition to time with my people, I have been able to score some quality crafting time which I will be posting about sometime in the near future either here or on my original crafting site, or even both.  ;)

This one's going to stay short and sweet.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

Peace and love,