Yes, I ramble as will be evident soon enough!

This TV
PBS Kids til the DVR is filled for “super tuper to da rescue”s occasional viewing pleasure.  Football season is upon us; so Sundays and Monday nights, consumed.  Where oh where have you been; Glee, Modern Family, Greys Anatomy, House, Desperate Housewives, The Biggest Loser, Brothers and Sisters, Samantha Who, Deadliest Catch, American Idol, and Survivor?  Guilty pleasures, The Hills, The City, and the various shows of those Krazy Kardashians.  DVR is WAY better than sliced bread.  I wonder where that saying originated from.  Is pre-slicing the bread really that fantastic?  The “Hubster”s  DVR space taking shows, Ice Road Truckers, Man VS Food, River Monsters, The Deadliest catch, Swamp People-wth?, Bert the Conqueror, Storm Chasers, Whale Wars, Nip/Tuck, and all things Poker, fishing, or video game related, and various How it’s made, done, beat, eaten, or the history of type of show, and sports.

My obsession; nuff said.

Things that Inspire me
Let us start with the obvious things that inspire me; I have a cup that runeth over… “Hubster”, “Chuckles”, “Beauty Princess”, and of course “Super Tuper to da Rescue”.  I am also inspired by a phenomenal group of both friends and family.
Other creative people.
Mom’s that ROCK that title out. 
Women who are strong.
Beauty in the world.
Sunshine, tulips, thunder, and large bodies of water.
Page maps and scrap lifting from magazines.  Yes, I’m a lifter.
My little circle of Ya-ya, traveling pants, the sweetest thing, wind beneath my wings, kinda sisters.
And memories.
Lists including this one which I add things too daily... in writing here on my couch.